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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 27, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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it is crunch time for congress. less than 20 hours left to strike a deal to keep homeland security from a shutdown. a compromise that could be in the works. and the cold temperatures could be shutting down ships. a way to get the ships moving again. and we have light flurries coming down. flurries are a possibility this morning, but what is for sure is that it is super cold. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's go to bill henley to find out about the cold and the
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flurries. bill? it is 26 degrees this morning, tracy. we are tracking flurries in philadelphia center city more snow showers off to the north and west and in delaware as well. but not everybody is seeing the snowflakes. in fact i don't see any across delaware looking at the adventure aquarium. radar is tracking very light snow showers. the snow showers will only be an issue this morning. they will stay north of chester county into upper montgomery and bucks county. and moving into new jersey salem and gloucester counties right now are seeing the snowflakes. it's certainly cold enough for snow. 21 in pottstown and trenton. we'll see a cold day today. the temperatures will be staying in the 20s to start with seeking the lower 30s this afternoon. i'll have more for you when i'm back in ten. jillian mele is tracking snow showers this morning. good morning. good morning, bill. this is a much different scene
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than yesterday morning. yesterday morning all the roads in southern delaware and south new jersey were completely snow covered. so this morning it's nice to see the blacktop. no accidents or delays this morning. blue route is looking good this morning. on the blue route between 95 and 76 your drive times range between 16 and 15 minutes. another cold morning in store for us. and the past couple of weeks have made it extra hard on those who work on the water. nbc 10's matt delucia is live along the camden river to find out it's been hard to keep the ice at bay along the river. tell us about that. >> reporter: absolutely. many ships and boats navigate the waters every day and ice can definitely present a problem. yesterday the coast guard was out here on the delaware with 65-foot ice-breaking tugboats. take a look at this. down the river and into the delaware bay, the st. louis ferry has had a rough winter. with ice in the bay, earlier an
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ice block caused the ship's service to be canceled. it's been more than a decade since they have had to do this. we'll come back out here live to give you a live look at the delaware. again, it's been a rough winter. an ice-breaking mission continued for as long as the ice stays out here but another cold morning like today certainly does not help. i'm gathering stats on the longest shutdown as a result of this ice coming up in 30 minutes. for now, live in camden matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." now to a developing story in washington. the house has to act today to present a partial shutdown of the department of homeland security. it's funding runs out at midnight, less than 20 hours away. vai sikahema is live in the nbc 10 digital operations center to follow a move to avert a shutdown. are house republicans ready to
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take a vote on this vai? it appears they may be ready to do just that. one florida representative said house speaker john boehner is adamant that the dhs will not be shut down but at this point house republicans pushed for a short-term bill to fund the department of homeland security for three weeks without repealing president obama's immigration policy. now the question is whether democrats will go along with the short-term deal. there's also a senate deal on the table to fully fund dhs. and that plan is also not linked to the president's immigration directives. now a partial shut down of dhs would mean tens of thousands of tsa workers and border patrol agents would be forced to work without pay. and 30,000 employees would be furloughed, most of them would be office workers. i'm vai sikahema nbc 10. four minutes past 4:00 today in burlington county a suspended police officer faces
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sentencing after admitting he assaulted a young girl. investigators initially accused jason craig of sexually assaulting the 11-year-old girl but as part of a plea deal he admitted to a lesser charge of child endayment. he was in the little girl's bedroom and bit her lip. the philadelphia mother was sentenced in connection with a shooting in her home to kill her 11-year-old daughter. tiffany goldwire pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and endangering the welfare of a child. prosecutors say goldwire's 2-year-old son picked up a loaded rekofler and shot and killed his sister. goldmire says she was in the bathroom drunk and high when this happened. and police say a teen was shot while sitting in a car in north street in bethlehem township last night. investigators say the victim knew his attacker. and officials at rattner high school want to know who
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wrote racist messages in one of their bathrooms. investigators talked to students about the incident and sent an e-mail home to parents. the person who found the graffiti reported it to the school principal. and nbc 10 is looking to see if a school district in delaware county did everything possible to prevent child sex abuse. the families of two 8-year-old girls filed a lawsuit saying paul hoffwinder took advantage of of the two girls after the school did not look into the background of the teacher. >> did they hear about this before or are they trying to cover themselves? i don't know but we @ku answers. >> it is required to do a background on all professionals that work in the school. >> he pleaded guilty last month
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and is scheduled to be sentenced april 7th. new information on three terror suspects arrested in the u.s. accused of planning to join isis and carry out attacks against america. nbc 10 learns one of the suspects lived in kent county and ran a cell phone kiosk at the dover mall. court records show he hired one of the other suspects to run similar kiosks at a north philadelphia mall. and so far there is no comment from local police. and we are looking into the islamic militant with a british accent known as jihadi john. we have confirmed he's mohommad.
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they found there's not much indication he would be become radicalized. >> picture how people describe mohammad is that he was a shy man, he was actually very nice well behaved. and you had the impression you were talking about two totally different characters. >> once he joined isis and appeared repeatedly in the beheading videos. >> jihadi john would happen to be in that position but it could not be someone else. so discovering who he is might be important to some people but it is certainly not important to me. >> the the foley's believe their government failed him during his capture and didn't do enough to try to free him. and the pennsylvania lawmakers will soon be carrying the life reversal drug overdose.
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today officers have administered the drug 26 times saving the lives of two dozen people. we are tracking a few snow showers this morning and the snow showers will just be here to start with this morning. they will be clearing out this afternoon, but we're looking at a cold day in spite of sunshine this afternoon. and a frigid night tonight, but temperatures are plunging overnight tonight. right now 17 degrees in allen allentown. northeast philadelphia, 24. and it's 10 degrees in atlantic city where skies are cleared. you can see just a few flurries moving through the center city area. this is the comcast building with a view from the melon bank building. more significant snow showers are farther north and west but even those are looking pretty light.
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you can see them moving through chester county upper montgomery and bucks county as well. these scattered light snow showers may, in some areas, give a little bit of a dusting. and then they will clear out. the sunshine this afternoon, you can see very light activity in salem county and into gloucester county in new jersey. the showers are not going to last. in fact, the hour-by-hour forecast shows clouds still around at 11:00 this morning. nothing falling from them. the temperatures not much warmer than they are right now at 26 degrees. we'll see a northerly or northwesterly wind during the day today, but temperatures will still climb into the low 30s as they did yesterday. 31 degrees at 67ñ2:00 this afternoon. with those northwesterly breezes, a little stronger during the afternoon hours. you will see them first thing this morning. a few scattered snow showers, they will be light and partly sunny this afternoon. into the low 30s. a look at the weekend forecast when i'm back in ten. all right bill. thanks. now for a check on your ride to work this friday morning.
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an easy ride to work fingers crossed. jillian? >> no big accidents or no big delays to deal with out there. this is a live look at 76 near montgomery drive. that's the eastbound side making your way into inner philadelphia, but the entire length of 76 is quiet. route 100 is quiet. route 30 to route 113 is four minutes. traveling on 202, that's clear in both directions. tracy? new rules will soon regulate internet service providers. what that means for the internet speed in your house. plus, a big project at the shore is now on hold. we'll tell you why neighbors aren't happy with the plans to bolster the beaches outside of their home. and from history to tv drama to your driveway, how you can buy vintage props from the show "boardwalk empire."
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pennsylvania governor tom wolf will be in pennsylvania today to talk about improving community-based health services for seniors. the governor is expected to talk about strengthening the home care workforce across the state. this will provide more opportunities for seniors to age in place. they have one of the oldest populations in the country with 15% age 65 or older ranking fourth in the nation. governor wolf will unveil his spending plan for the state on tuesday. you can count on nbc 10 with the nbc 10 app to bring you complete details of the governor's budget plan as soon as it is revealed. the future of the internet may have been decided and it means tougher new rules on the way for service providers. in a landmark ruling yesterday, the fcc agreed to impose
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regulations aimed at enforcing what is called net neutrality. it means that the internet will be like a public utility. internet providers like comcast, verizon and at&t are prohibited from granting faster access for companies that pay them for the privilege. that means all of us sitting at home will be guaranteed sitting at home to get the same service in internet. >> this is the fcc using all the tools in our tool box to prevent and protect innovators and consumers. >> the rules are expected to trigger lawsuits that could drag out for several years. here's a live picture of the comcast building in center city. as i mentioned, the ruling will affect comcast and other internet providers. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. comcast executive's vice officer david cohen issued a statement on the fcc ruling saying, in part we fully
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embrace the open internet principles that have been laid out by president obama and chairman wheeler and that now have been adopted by the fcc. he goes on to say, we just don't believe statutory provisions designed for the telephone industry and adopted when franklin d. roosevelt was president should be stretched to governor the 21st century internet. no charges will be filed in connection to tuesday's commuter train derailment. investigators say the driver of the produce truck caused the crash after getting stuck on the tracks. he abandoned the truck that was then hit by the train. 51 people were on board and everyone survived. the driver of the truck was found a mile from the crash and arrested on suspension of hit-and-run but released last night. passengers from ireland to philadelphia had a scare after the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing. the pilot took off from dublin and a little later the pilot experienced a mechanical plane
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on the wings and landed back in dublin. no one was hurt. in the black madame pat winslow is charged with third-degree murder in the case of a woman flying to philadelphia to get a silicone injection. her case will continue in three weeks. a half dozen churches are facing child pornography charges. the fbi arrested mark haynes who is accused of posting pictures of children on the internet and sending lewd e-mails to a 14-year-old girl. he worked in parishes in phoenixville and doylestown. he's already facing charges involving child pornography in chester county. and the pennsylvania senate will take up eileen's law after the statehouse passed the bill
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yesterday. the measure is named for eileen in reading after she didn't pay the fine for her truant children. the judge will allow penalties for parents of kids who skip school. and yesterday the pennsylvania house passed a bill to allow private businesses to sell wine and liquor. the measure calls for most state stores to close. the house passed a similar bill two years ago and died in the senate. it is not likely to pass the senate this time either. if it does tom wolf said he'll veto that. happening in the pocanos, the camelback resort is hosting a job fair today. the two-day event starts this afternoon at the château resort at the base of camelback mountain. camelback's lodge and aquatopia plans to open in april. they have 600 full and part-time positions to fill. and the army corps of
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engineers canceled the bidding process for the beach projections citing legal issues. they sued in federal court over the dune work. opponents say the beach replenishment won't protect homes and will be expensive to maintain. yesterday we were tracking snow coming up from the south. this morning we're keeping an eye out for some snowflakes moving in from the northwest. you can see the clouds are over center city. a nice clear view across the delaware. no problems with the visibility there. the temperature, 26 degrees. cold enough for snow. and we have seen a few snowflakes and they are still falling in center city. a live view from the melon bank view. we'll see scattered snow showers to start with but they are not going to last all day. the cold that's a different story. it's going to stay with us. 19 right now in doylestown. camden is down to 24. 22 degrees for glendora and
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voorhees. we're tracking very slight snow showers moving into delaware central new castle county. there you are seeing snowflakes. into salem and gloucester counties. then a little farther to the north, very light stuff coming down in central, montgomery and bucks county. norristown, a few flakes falling there. snougt nothing significant, but you can see a few clouds here with some flurries falling. the clouds will be out of here this afternoon. that's how we'll start the weekend with cloudless skies to make it a cold start tomorrow. not exactly warm during the day today. upper 20s to lower 30s. we should be in the middle to upper 40s this time of year. a few scattered light snow showers this morning, partly sunny this afternoon. the winds up to 12 miles an hour. they will start to shift and bring in some colder air for tomorrow morning when we'll start in the teens and single digits. warming to 30 degrees. the sunshine on saturday. and sunday we'll start with
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sunshine but the clouds will be increasing as the day goes on. we'll hit 40 degrees in the afternoon. then sunday evening more wet weather moving in. a chance of some rain and snow. we'll go through it with the extended future weather and the seven-day coming up in the next half hour. thanks, bill. for your ride to work maybe a few snowflakes depending on where you are. what else is on the roads? we'll find out from jillian mele. >> majors in delaware pennsylvania and new jersey are all looking good. this is a live look at the intersection of route 73 and 70. it is very quiet with no vehicles in the shot. 295 is looking good. so does the new jersey turnpike. traveling the northeast extension this morning, drive times are pretty average, although southbound we are getting a delay of three minutes out there. so from quakertown to the mid-county interchange, 26 minutes. 23 minutes on the northbound side. happening today, the first day of the atlantic city car show and auction. and fans of the hbo show "boardwalk empire" can buy a piece of history. the three-day event begins this
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morning at the atlantic city convention center. tomorrow some of the collector cards and other props will be on sale starting today. and neil dieamond,w will kickoff his new tour in allentown tomorrow. the pop music icon will play tonight with his north american tour including a performance at the wells fargo center in philly. he's a member of the rock and roll hall of fame. and winterfest says good-bye to winter with happy hour tonight. saturday and sunday families can enjoy a visit to the aquarium face painting and a circus. the ice skating sessions are already sold out. and there's a new hurdle that could derail the plan to
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revive revel's casino. the unhappy neighbor that just threw a wrench into the deal. >> show me your hands! don't [ bleep ] move! >> the new problem facing a bridgeton police officer already embroiled in a scandal following this deadly traffic stop.
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the sale of the revel casino is facing more problems now. the electricity provider asked the bankruptcy judge to cancel the latest proposed deal claiming it's unfair. they built a power play for revel because the casino
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couldn't pay themselves. now they want a trustee to liquidate the property. atr said the proposed $82 million sale leaves them with nothing. meantime, local leaders are getting the public's opinion of the future of atlantic city. officials held a first of three-planned forums last night on how to move the area forward. leaders say they want to rebrand atlantic county as a region with a strong technology-based economy and hospitality for tourism. a new study finds there's a salary gap at rutgers university. according to the study, more than a dozen doctors and three athletic coaches make more than a million dollars a year. but half of the university's employees made less than $50,000 last year. the median salary for tenured faculty is around $120,000 and the rutgers president makes around $650,000 a year. students at rutgers university in pottstown could have a more traditional college
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atmosphere atmosphere. they are looking to add dorms on campus and are building a student-only residential community. the developer is looking for land and working on a partnership deal. a cold start and tracking some light snow showers. you can see a few snowflakes moving past the comcast center in center city. that's a live view from the melon bank building. bundle up heading out, 26 degrees at 4:27. jillian mele is in the first alert traffic center. good morning jillian. good morning to you, bill. good morning lehigh drivers. this is what it looks like awrong route 22 and 309, coming up in a few minutes a look at the vine street expressway.
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a compromise could be in the works for the federal government to avoid a shutdown. and what is being done to get ships moving again in the delaware river. and there are snowflakes in our area. you can see a few flurries. flurries are a possibility this morning. and it's cold. and it's 4:30. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we could see flakes and flurries but mostly it will be done today. we'll bring in bill henley with the first alert forecast. just in the


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